Donate Now

  1. Donate DIRECTLY to the Save the Africa Rhino Foundation (click the image below to go straight to their donate page):save african rhino foundation logo
  2. Donate $5.00 or more (click below)

    > Bandcamp: Donate $5 or more to the Save the Rhino Foundation and receive a free Rhino Song download here:

    3. Download the Rhino song from itunes (click the pic)

    > iTunes: Click the picture to download the Rhino Song, or search ‘Charles Summerfield’ to find it on iTunes:

    Download the Rhino Song

    4.  Donate directly to Pit-track here.


    5.  Donate directly to Rhino Pride Foundation here.


    6. Donate directly to Friends of Hwange here.



14 thoughts on “Donate Now

  1. What Charles is doing is absolutely amazing. I have a major passion for the well being of all the animals on this planet. I had the privilege of spending some time at an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia and my love for those beautiful beasts multiplied by a BILLION. We must be the voice for these amazing animals, we must save our animals, we must save our planet!


  2. I love animals more than people rhinos are my favorite! I think people should not bother nature. There is many other things to do like enjoying nature.


  3. I believe all animals should be free and not killed. They don’t deserve to be killed when they didn’t do anything to interrupt our lives. They deserve to rest in peace and be alone just like us! I love animals😘😍😘😍


  4. This is so sad. We need these animals on the planet. How would you like it if someone broke into your home cut off your nose and left you for dead!? Animal abuse is is wrong and people wore not put here to kill for sport! They are not your trophy you can hang on the wall!!!


  5. There is so much beauty in this world e.g rhinos , elephants, lions, pangolins , cheetas etc etc why do humans turn the beauty of nature into such a devastating horror specially when they have the brains to know better thank g-d for the beautiful humans who try there utmost to put a stop to all that from the heart a huge big appreciation to that and most important never give up from a heart that cries for the pain and horror done to these precious animals sue from afrika


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